2016 Stanley Cup Futures Sampling

Summer has not daunted hockey fans from the 2016 Stanley Cup Futures Sampling.  Good afternoon and it is great to see you all again here at APEX Hockey Betting.  Today, we have our eyes to the future.  Pittsburgh players are still traveling the country and hoisting the cup for all to see.  However, the prices on next year’s Stanley Cup winner are out.  What really intrigues us is that their is no dominant team.  No one that is a favorite over another.  Come see how a bet of this nature can get someone a return of +900 minimum if placed today.

2016 Stanley Cup Futures : Defending Champ

Those that won it last year lead the parade in recapturing the Cup this year.  The return on the favorite is a +900 on the offshore market right now.  Right behind them is Washington at +1000.  Western Conference fans do not see their teams chime in until #4 on this list.  Chicago is a hefty +1200 while Dallas has an iota more of value with a +1250 return.  Any team has crazy value at this point.  BookieStar has a possible investment returning +7500 right here.

Futures Wagering

This is just one of the aspects that will be available to wager on in the immediate future at Americas Bookie.  Season wins, division, and conference selections allows one to limit the field while still providing a good return on a correct investment.  What gives the advantage to the sports handicapper is our experience.  The models that the oddsmakers use can not yet cope with all the permutations that free agency gives to the landscape of the NHL.  We can judge issues like chemistry and which teams filled their greatest needs.  In essence, our knowledge trumps their math during the NHL offseason.

So this future has great value.  The trend for most of the last decade in the NHL has been to just make the playoffs.  Deep runs by the seven and eight seeds is common these days.  Prices based on any team that has the potential to make the playoffs can put profit in your wallet.  Good fortune in this NHL investment and we shall see you next time here at APEX Hockey Betting.