NHL All Star Prop for a Reduced Price

NHL All-Star weekend is all about being entertained.  It is a dicey affair to purely try to handicap this game in terms of whom will win or how many goals will be scored.  Instead, we will look at some of the props that have got some steam to them.  We at Apex Hockey like one in which the public is against.  So let us see where we can get a discount and still cash in on the NHL All-Star Game at 5PM.

Odd Stance on Goals Per Period

The NHL All-Star Game has a variety of props for your wagering action.  One of them is your basic coinflip for goals in each period.  One would figure the vig would be the only separation in this virtual tossup but that is not the case.  Let us look at what moved.

  • 1st Period -105 / 2nd Period -125
  • 1st Period -105 / 3rd Period -125

Second against third period features an equal -115.  Early money is banking that with equal stellar talent, that the top goal tenders in this are more capable of stonewalling their compatriots.  An interesting spin on the game this evening.

Heaviest Chalk on a Prop

This should and does belong to whether the game ends in an odd or even number of goals.  Odd should almost always have the advantage here.  Does it equate to the current price of -215?  Even for +170 does not give enough pop for the risk.

Action Anticipated to Be Fast

Finally, the chalk has even spoken on what the pace will be to start the game.  The three minute mark has not provided the ideal time frame to equalize the action.  A goal within the first three minutes of the game stands at -120.  Those that think the goal fest will start a tad bit later get a discount of -110.  This is where we stand.  Back and forth action will be all over the ice but will take probably five minutes to get that first goal in.  Good Fortune in this fun prop at a discounted price.  Check back with us at Apex Hockey Betting to see if we cashed in on All-Star Weekend.