A1 PPH Pay Per Head Review

A1 PPH is more than just a PPH software provider. Not only will you be able to use the robust software to increase your business, but you’ll be able to utilize the experience of the A1 PPH team as well. They have technical support, customer support and lines managers on staff to help you run your bookmaking business.

Cost: $10 or Less Per Head

All new accounts will receive four weeks of absolutely free service to test out the software. You can set-up accounts for as many or little of your players as you wish during the free trial. After the trial period ends the cost is $10/head, but that number decreases with good volume. You’ll also only pay the price per head for active bettors each week.


If you’re moving your business online or just starting out you have to have a complete solution. A1 PPH has been in the industry for close to a decade now and have a lot of bookies under their umbrella. Your players expect the best and won’t settle for less when there is so much competition in the offshore bookmaker business.

To start, A1 PPH provides bookies with the ability to run a sportsbook, racebook and casino on the same website. This is beneficial to bookies because their player base don’t need to play anywhere else. As long as you handle payments quickly your players will have zero reason to switch to a competing sportsbook.

Before we talk about the backend tools let’s talk about what your bettors will experience. A1 PPH has line managers that set lines on hundreds of markets daily ranging from the NFL to the AFL. As the owner you can customize lines as you wish, but you can also sit back and not worry about setting lines if you prefer a hands off approach.

A1 PPH will have lines on all major sports including the NFL, NBA, MMA, MLB, NHL, soccer, tennis and golf. The bet types are expansive as well. Your clients will be able to place point spread, money line, over/under, props, futures, parlays, teasers, if bets, round robin and much more. You can offer the option to offer open spots on bets as well.

The software suite is easy enough to use out of the box for everyone, but for bookies that want to take on a hands on approach there are numerous tools and reports at your disposal. Every single bet is tracked within the software and can be easily called up at anytime in the future using simple reports to breakdown the information easily.

You have the opportunity to set-up line profiles for players based on a multitude of filters. If you deal with agents you can call up reports on your agents status 24/7 plus you can also view information on any sub-agents they may have on the software. Keeping tabs on your growing business becomes difficult when you don’t have the tools you need.

Another benefit of using a proven PPH provider like A1 PPH is reliability. Your website will never go offline and your player base will be able to bet anytime they want by simply signing into their account. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level A1 PPH will be glad to assist you during your growth phase.

Customer Service

Contact A1 PPH today to find out how they can help you now. The best method is telephone (877-386-0180) although they also have email support. A1 PPH will set-up your entire player base with accounts. The company aims to help out bookies that want an online presence and that want to grow or are currently growing.