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A dedicated family of authors selected for their expertise is a variety of sports is what is awaiting you at Apex.  Our sites like offer a unique perspective towards their particular sport.  Articles crafted with the sports handicapper in mind.  Not only do we seek profit but also informational and entertaining pieces to lighten your spirits.  Jaden, Bobby, Ethan, and our crack support staff scour the net for value in leagues like the NHL.

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All of these sites provide an ideal platform to launch your sports wagering ventures.  When you stop looking at it as just entertainment, you turn the corner with profit soon to follow.  With some logical thought augmented with reliable sources like our own, the thought process begins to crystallize.  Foundations are set that will not only improve your handicapping ability but your business sense as well.  In short, our sites carry benefits to their readers that translate into the broad spectrum of life.

Two items of note to continue for 2015.  On the Ask the Bookie site, there is an NHL Consensus Project ongoing.  They are tracking the highest degree of confidence public pick that day no matter what the chalk is.  They have a profit almost 2/3 of the way through.  Meanwhile, here at Apex Hockey we advised people to tail the Minnesota Wild for four games.  The reason was that their CORSI percentage was high compared to their place in the league standings.  For the four games, they went 2-2 but were such dogs that there was a very small profit +0.15 for our efforts.  Not bad for trying to break new grounds in hockey handicapping using Metrics.  So Happy New Year and we will explore more profit paths and have a NHL free pick for you all next time at Apex Hockey.