An Odd Reality in the NHL Chicago Visiting Vancouver Tonight!

During the first half of the NHL season, we typically get a few Twilight Zone games.  The linesmakers do not know what to think  of the game.  This necessitates them throwing out a cautious number hoping that by doing so they will not get one sided action.  In reality, the odds are not a true representation of the strength of the game but a preventative measure.  Tonight we have one of those circumstances as Chicago (12-7-1) visits Vancouver (13-6-1) for some late night weekend profit starting at 9:30PM.

America’s Bookie and Their Take on the Blackhawks

Devotion to defense is finally paying dividends in the Windy City.  Chicago is on a prolonged road trip and they are smack dab in the middle of it.  These Blackhawks are trending upward having won five of their last six games.  Their stingy defensive average of 2.1 goals against has served them well as the offense is finally firing on more cylinders.  Even with Patrick Kane creating opportunities with his assists, the team is at a crossroad.  Either Duncan Keith has to convert more on his 53 shots on goal or he has to pass more often.  He has scored in two of the last three games but they need other ways to both gain the zone and create scoring opportunities.  Their are better options to do this with on the team.  He needs to step back a bit for this team to really excel.

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Regular Season Wonders Once Again?

Vancouver has had a stellar reputation for regular season heroics.  They have gone through some changes but are appearing to get back to their old ways.  With that being said, the power play has been shut down as of late with almost all of the last six games coming up empty that way.  The Sedins are strong at what they do and Radim Vrbata is finding the back of the net.  The problem is that this team likes to think it can skate when in reality it lets up many chances for the other team with a pair of goalies who save only 90 percent of their shots.  The three goals against per game is the main difference between these two teams tonight.

The prolonged road trip and being right in the middle of it is what is causing the odd line in this one.  The start of the trip or the end are easier to gauge as in potential energy reserves to skate with.  How hard is Chicago willing to bring it in the physical aspect? Unless they pound this team then Vancouver stands ready for the win.  A good west coast team against a team who while being hot may have a problem with energy tonight.  Take the Canucks as the home dog this evening.  Good fortune from us at ApexHockeybetting and we will see you in the middle of the week to recap how this did and have more free picks for you.