APEX NHL Betting Free Pick of the Day 12/6

NHL evenings just got more profitable when we saw the following change in the lines.  Good afternoon and this is APEX Hockey Betting reporting in.  We have a free pick that is ripe with value.  Rest or the lack of it is a game changer that the mathematically based formula the linesmakers utilize can not cope with.  This evening game has this aspect aplenty.  Join us as we break down the most profitable play of the night in the NHL.

Weary Legs

Ottawa is one of the teams that suffers more than most on back to back games with road travel involved.  Their dynamic brand of hockey rides a fine edge that becomes blurred with weary legs.  Besides the timing aspect being slightly off against the Rangers tonight, their offensive focus will lag also.  Karlsson has been on a heater with six points in the last two games.  However he is a defenseman that has to play a very physical team in the Rangers.  With him having to chase the Islanders all over the place yesterday, an off performance might be in the cards from one of the top defensemen in the league.


What went wrong with the New York Rangers recently is an extreme concentration of games in a short span of time!  They work hard and flourish in games of goal restriction.  When their gaa goes up and the offensive dips like it did, the losing streak is forseeable.  Now they have two complete days of rest with no travel to refill the tank.  Couple that with the anticipated line changes with the starters means a sharp defensive team that still might struggle for a game or two more in scoring.

-200 on the ML from America’s Bookie on the Rangers has some fluctuation and is by no means sure.  What is more rock solid at a lower price is the total.  Under 5 1/2 at -140 is the path to profit with a nicer price.  Just as good a chance to come in and much better on the bankroll.  Invest in your sports knowledge today and convert it to cash at America’s Bookie.  Good fortune and we will see you later here at APEX Hockey Betting.