Back to Back Games. How Strong is it’s Effect Tonight : Detroit @ Carolina

San Jose is tearing it up since the Corsi percentage metric test has started.  4-1 in that but we have to focus on other things this time out.  It does not pay to have tunnel vision as one would have a harder time expanding their skill set.  Tonight, we have one of the hottest teams in the league in the Detroit Red Wings.  8-2 in their last ten, they have to travel from Michigan to Carolina and play at 5PM.  Normally this would be a fade of Detroit but Carolina lags both in last ten (3-7) and resides in the cellar of their division.  How strong of a factor is the travel when it comes to a hot team like the Wings?

New York Kept it Close

Storming out to a 2-0 lead,  the Rangers made the Wings work for their head coach’s 500th win.  To get this milestone at home was important so the Wings put in every extra effort and clawed their way to a 3-2 win.  Couple that with the fact that regular starter Jimmy Howard is given a night off against Carolin, the Hurricanes are facing a team that is ripe for a let down.

Detroit at Carolina Babes

Talent to Cash In?

The Wings are a mild surprise so far this year as their talent did not seem to translate to their second place right now.  So now can Carolina overcome an overachieving team that wont work as hard tonight as normal.  The cause for concern is the 2.0 goals average as of late.  No matter how tired the opposition is, you still have to score to beat them.  In the plus column, they are rested and are facing an inferior goalie.

The Hurricanes average nearly a goal less than the Wings despite having nearly the equal amount of shots per game.  With the possession factor being equal over the course of the season, the breakthrough for Carolina will be tonight.  No it will not alter the course of their season but will be enough to pocket profit for us at 5PM today.  Take the Carolina ML and watch them outwork Detroit today.