Best Free Agent Pickups Regardless of Price

Superstar signings tend to attract the headlines but are sometimes not the most beneficial moves in the entire league.  Good afternoon and thank you for seeing us here at APEX Hockey Betting.  Addressing need is almost as important as assembling a horde of talent on skates. Some teams spent big to get a leg up while others pinched pennies and still took that step forward.  Let us look at some of those who will change the course of their franchise come fall in the NHL

Free Agent Pickups : Budget Friendly

Sometimes budget friendly is out of necessity.  Chicago was staring down the hole at a very large cap problem.  In the face of that, they were still able to sell their city and hockey setting to Brian Campbell.  Even though he is 37 years old, he could have generated more than the $2.25 million he signed for.  Blackhawks get a top two line defenseman for the cap hit that most take for any D man on the team.  Well done Chicago.

Buffalo Has Their Face for the Playoffs

Sabres have announced that they have arrived and are ready to get into the post season.  Lots of grown talent just got bolstered by the big ticket item in free agency.  They had little hope of getting Stamkos but got the next best thing in Kyle Okposo.  He seems eager to be here besides landing the 7 year with the $42 million he gets over the course of the contract.  Grit and scoring touch is improved on this team.  He is the best option out there for both what he has done and what he could still grow into.  Exciting times for this long too forgotten franchise.

Be ready to assail the sportsbooks when the NHL futures come out.  Both season wins and wagers on whether Buffalo makes the playoffs should be invested on.  This team takes the next leap forward in the league.  They will not win it all but for a city starving for crumbs, this team will make a mighty fine meal for Sabres fans in 2016.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Hockey Betting.