Betting International Hockey at Offshore Sportsbooks

You can enjoy betting international hockey at offshore sportsbooks.

Key Points

– Going offshore is the best way to find odds on international hockey

– International hockey offers similar bets to those of the NHL.

Betting on International Hockey at International Sportsbooks

When it comes to the odds, bettors in the United States and Canada consistently place their money on National Hockey League games. However, offshore sportsbooks’ coverage of international hockey games is also popular among bettors. 

Betting international hockey can be very lucrative if you know what to look for. A simple introduction to how to bet on the sport can help as well. Understanding the various markets, like NHL player props for example, is helpful.

The money line, the total line, and the puck line are the most popular hockey bets. The puck line is an interesting hockey wager. At offshore sportsbooks, the three-way odds on the money line for international hockey are calculated over a period of 60 minutes of play. You have the option of choosing a team or placing a wager on the game ending in a draw or a tie. There are international leagues that do not offer extra time or shootouts.

Bets on International Hockey 

The money line, when betting international hockey, refers to wagering on the team you think will win. The odds for a three-way money line include a third option for a draw. The distinction between a money line and a three-way line is a complicated one, but it is important to emphasize that it exists.

The money line for international hockey is a straight-up game, meaning that there is a financial risk associated with betting on the favorite. There is also a financial reward associated with betting on the underdog. 

The game can only be won by one team. There is the possibility of a tie though. That’s where the three-way money line comes into play. A third person’s guess of a tie will determine how much of the side money they get. There are three different outcomes that could occur during the game.


Totals & The Puck Line

The total line is broken up into a number of goals ranging from five to eight. Most often, hockey totals will range between 5.5 and 6.5 goals. In the event that the game is ultimately decided by a draw, some leagues will play an overtime period. 

The offshore sportsbook determines the total, as well as whether the game will go OVER or UNDER the total score. Bettors who win with an OVER or UNDER outcome will then receive their payout.They are paid out according to the odds associated with their bet.

The money line and the point spread are combined to form what is known as the puck line. This is true for both the NHL and international hockey games. 

The puck line, or the point spread in hockey, is always set at 1.5 goals between the favorite and the underdog. When determining the money line, the spread is taken into consideration during the calculation. The money line is the bet that gets the greatest amount of action on international hockey games.

In order for a bet on the favorite to win, the favored team must win by two or more goals. For a bet on the underdog to cash, the team must lose by one goal or win outright. The underdog plus the 1.5 goals has a strong chance to win the bet. Over 30 percent of NHL games end with a scoring margin of one goal.

It is in a bettor’s best interest to learn some handicapping tips and strategies for betting on hockey.

Sportsbooks – Betting International Hockey

Whether you are a resident of the United States or Canada, betting on international hockey games is possible. Betting international hockey at offshore sportsbooks is an exciting and enjoyable experience. 

There are several parallels that can be drawn between the National Hockey League and international hockey teams. The responsibilities of the offensive and defensive hockey players during the sorting process are unaltered. Regardless of whether they are competing in the NHL or a foreign competition, the hockey team’s goal is always to win.

When branching out as gamblers from the United States or Canada, international hockey games present an exciting new opportunity to investigate new betting opportunities. Offshore sportsbooks provide the best opportunities for placing bets on international hockey matches.

Why Go Offshore

Oftentimes, the only way to find odds on international hockey is to go offshore. U.S.-based sportsbooks may not have betting action on hockey leagues like the KHL. The only place to find these bets is at an offshore sportsbook.

Offshore operations have typically had international hockey odds on their boards. Hockey bettors will find the best lines and odds on international hockey in Russia, Sweden, and other countries when they go offshore.