Betting NHL Player Props

NHL player props are great for fans that really follow their team and the league.

Key Points

– Betting on NHL player props makes betting on hockey more fun.

– There are numerous NHL player props bets to take advantage of.

Betting NHL Player Props

More sports bettors are finding betting on NHL hockey more attractive. Betting on NHL player props can make that betting even more interesting. As part of your process when handicapping the NHL Playoffs, why not study individual players at the same time.

These props bets are those that are based on an individual player’s performance in a National Hockey League game. These could be bets on points, assists, goals, and even goaltending statistics like saves.

Typical NHL player props bets are totals bets, or Over/Under bets. One of the more popular ways to bet these props is the Over/Under on the number of goals a player will score in a game.

Why do bettors bet hockey player props and how do they work?

Why NHL Player Props

If you have ever bet on hockey, you will know that it is more of a moneyline sport. Scoring is typically low and bettors usually wager on teams to win rather than on the puck line.

After a while, continuous moneyline betting can get kind of stale. To make it more exciting and interesting, bettors can find a player prop bet in the same game.

Bettors can also find player prop bets in games that are considered duds. A game between two teams not making the playoffs, for example, is probably not worth betting on. However, if one of the teams has one of the top goal-scorers in the league, you can bet on him without worrying about the outcome of the game.

In games that don’t offer much betting value, there may be betting value on certain player props that bettors can almost guarantee will pay out. 

Betting hockey player props is also a bonus if you happen to be an NHL fantasy player. Having more insight on how certain players perform helps in finding quality player props bets.


Examples of Player Props for Hockey

Probably the most popular player props bets are those on player points. Bettors wager on whether a player will go Over or Under a set number of points. Here’s an example.

Connor McDavid Over 3.5 Points (-110)

Connor McDavid Under 3.5 Points (-110)

In this case, bettors are wagering on McDavid and the number of points he will have in this game. Notice that the odds on both sides of the bet are -110. That is typical in most player prop bets. Both sides of a bet have equal outcomes.

How many points will McDavid score

If you like McDavid to go Over 3.5 points (remember, that includes goals and assists), you would wager $110 to win $100. If he scores at least four points, your bet wins.

The most popular NHL player props bets are the following:

  • Anytime goalscorer
  • Shots on goal (Over/Under)
  • To score the first goal
  • Points (Over/Under)
  • To score multiple goals
  • Penalty minutes (Over/Under)
  • Saves (Over/Under)

Many hockey player props tie into NHL futures bets. Top hockey sportsbooks will allow many combinations of hockey betting. If you continually bet on a player’s goal scoring prop, you may also bet on that player to win the Rocket Richard Trophy which is given annually to the NHL’s top goal scorer.