Betting NHL Underdogs Can Lead to Success

As a sports bettor, you learn at some point that you need to wager wisely on underdogs if you are going to score some big wins. One of the more profitable things a bettor can focus on is betting NHL underdogs.

One of the big reasons you should consider betting on underdogs is because the betting public doesn’t.


The public bets heavily on favorites and, remember, most people lose when it comes to sports betting. That’s why winning bettors find value on underdogs. One of the best sports in which to find these dogs is NHL hockey.

NHL Odds & Ends

Establishing odds for an NHL game is a bit different than say an NFL game. You might find a heavy favorite in an NFL game at -500 or even -1000. You will never see that in an NHL game.

A heavy favorite in an NHL game might be listed at -140 on the low end up to -300 on the high end. There is simply too much variability and too much risk for oddsmakers to set odds any higher.

If you look at all the major sports, the NHL has one of the highest percentages of underdog victories. While about 35 percent of NFL underdogs win, over 41 percent of NHL dogs are victorious. That’s why betting on NHL underdogs can lead to success.


Betting NHL Moneyline Underdogs

While NHL underdogs win a lot compared to dogs in other sports, you cannot simply adopt a strategy of betting against NHL favorites all the time. You’ll end up on the wrong end of things. 

You also cannot simply pick random NHL underdogs and expect success. You need to find value in certain games and bet those only. Take a matchup such as the Pittsburgh Penguins (+110) against one of their rivals, the Washington Capitals who are favored at -125.

The two teams are battling for control of the Metropolitan Division and the game is at Washington. The best teams in each conference typically play well on the road. Let’s say that Pittsburgh has won three straight and the Capitals have been up and down lately.

This is a great situation to bet on the underdog. Your $100 bet at top hockey sportsbooks on the Penguins pays out $110 whereas a winning bet on the favorite in this case would pay out just $80.

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NHL Underdog Betting Strategies

While bettors like to search for home underdogs in other sports, the home underdog in the NHL is one that should generally be avoided. It’s also actually a rare occurrence to find a home dog in the NHL.

If a team is listed as an underdog at home, it is for a good reason. There may be an injury situation or a team is just simply awful. It is wise to use caution when you find a home NHL underdog.

As mentioned in the Penguins example above, the best teams in the NHL tend to play well on the road. Identifying the teams that have the best road records and then finding them as a road underdog is an NHL betting strategy that can pay big dividends. 

There is significant value in betting on NHL underdogs. You just have to find them and they will lead you to NHL betting success.