Betting on a Stanley Cup Moment : Game Five 6/7

With Pittsburgh winning last night, now is the time for betting on a Stanley Cup Moment.  A star studded franchise since Mario Lemieux arrived decades ago, Pittsburgh has and has not dominated hockey.  They are one of the more recognizable brands out there but they only have three championships in franchise history.  Now this team has punched the gas pedal and seems to be speeding towards the cup.  Now is the time to not only bet but profit on history.

How to Bet on Hockey History

With Game Five being at home, casual hockey fans are wanting to jump on the bandwagon and make some money.  Pittsburgh proved that the punishing style of the Sharks is hardly slowing them down.  Pittsburgh starts strong and kept the momentum all in Game Four.  With the clinching game looking like a lay up for Pittsburgh, we look to our friends at  They have a quality write up on the ins and outs of how to bet hockey.  First step is to see what the price is to bet on the Penguins to win on Thursday evening.

Money Line Near -150

When one sees the lower negative number that translates into the team being the favorite.  So to win $100 more we have to bet $150 on the Penguins to win.  This seems like a bargain considering they have the momentum and are playing at home.  The much better team with a not so inflated price translates into easy profit.  Now quality sportsbooks like Americas Bookie have streamlined the entire process.  Movement of funds on and off the site is a breeze with their experienced customer service department.  Their company has had a sterling reputation for over a decade representing great financial stability.  Finally, their graphic interface is easy to navigate and understand.

Those who have a ticket to see the game live in Pittsburgh are not the only ones that are in on history.  Rail this franchise to their potential fourth Stanley Cup on Thursday and win money to boot.  Sports wagering brings excitement to events even if your team is not in it.  Good fortune Thursday night and we will see you next time here at APEX Hockey Betting.