Buffalo and Pittsburgh Off Season Moves

Off season moves can be stuck in limbo even after the decision to pull the trigger has been made.  Good Afternoon APEX Hockey Betting fans.  Today we look at two franchises near the opposite end of the spectrum in the NHL.  Pittsburgh has to make a decision on one of their key players.  Meanwhile Buffalo senses that they can make a lot of noise in the upcoming season.  See how they are fully committed to getting that star to the Sabres but it might not be just as easy as having the money to do so.

Long Time Wing Man

Messing with chemistry right after winning the Stanley Cup can lead a lot of fans and pundits scratching their head.  Chris Kunitz is a hot commodity in trade talks even though he is rapidly approaching 37 years of age.  He has been the winger for Sydney Crosby for many years.  If they wait until he calls it quits, the franchise gets nothing.  SO should they shift Kunitz or even buy him out to pave the way for the future.  He has two things going for him that argue for retention this year.  Chris still has excellent Corsi metrics that translate to the Pens as a whole having the puck possession advantage.  This is something that translates into wins over time.  Secondly is that there are no better options on the team to replace him.  Can they find someone on the open market under the $4million he makes?  Doubtful so look for Kunitz to stay for one last season in Pittsburgh.

Money at Stamkos

Not only do they have the money but the Buffalo Sabres are willing to use it.  They are determined to land prized free agent Steve Stamkos.  Alas Boston, Detroit, and Toronto are going to do the same thing. Even if Buffalo could equal the amounts that the large market teams could muster, there is the stigma to get over.  While not the absolute last place that pros go to in the league, Buffalo does not rank even in the top half.  Limited night life, lots of snow in the winter, and less endorsement possibilites are just a few.  While they now have talent and should contend for a playoff spot, this team will not land Stamkos in the offseason.

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