Canadian Teams Quite Active This Time of Year

Canadian teams are taking front and center in this edition of Apex Hockey Betting.  Alberta has made some recent moves to keep the momentum going in Calgary.  Edmonton has done some odd moves this week.  Finally, will Babcock get to work his magic on one of the more coveted young restricted free agents this year?

Firing Everyone in Edmonton?

Atop the NHL draft has not been the kindness that the NHL envisioned giving the league’s worst team.  A bounty of high selections have not translated into much success on the ice.  So the franchise brought Peter Chiarelli to bring in change.  This he has done so but at the oddest time anyone could think.  A week before the next draft, four scouts were greeted with pink slips and shown the door.  Two of them have been with the team over a decade.  Now this will have little effect with the overall #1 selection but their on the fly thinking for the later rounds have to be compromised.  Peter must have thought that nothing could be worse than the picks made the last few years and that instinct would best serve them here.

Keeping with the Alberta Theme

Their hockey neighbors have not been standing pat either.  While the Flames did not go on the firing spree, they opted to ice one of their more solid players to three years.  The price of $3.57 million per year ofr Mikael Backlund is fuel for much debate for a quality two way player.  Most lean on the side that this is a bargain because it keeps the center position more than solid for Calgary.  With their overachieving success, the Flames had to loosen the purse string to keep it going.

Finally, what should be done with the firebrand that is Nazem Kadri.  The talented and young Maple Leafs center is going to attract attention despite his restricted free agent status.  Mike Babcock is the ideal choice to get him past his weakneeses.  If he can overcome a lack of maturity and tendency to disappear at times, the market price of close to four million per should be absorbed by the Maple Leafs.  Good fortune and we will check in next time here at Apex Hockey Betting.