Reexamining the NHL Stanley Cup Futures Market

The 2019-20 NHL season would likely be over by now if not for the coronavirus that suspended the season back in March. The league has come up with a plan to complete the season and the new 24-team playoff has bettors rethinking their futures bets. The top four teams in each conference will play each

2018-19 NHL – Blasting off in a Month!

The 2017/2018 NHL season is all but a distant memory, but it was a fantastic year of NHL action like hockey fans have not seen in a very long time. There were some great story lines and the best one of all had to have been the Las Vegas Golden Knights making it all the

NHL Stanley Cup 2019 – A Way Too Early look

The 2018/2017 NHL season was a smashing success, and really one of the best in a very long time. The expansion Las Vegas Golden Knights came along at just the right time to make hockey the exciting sport that the fans have craved for years. Bookmakers worldwide were set to lose millions on futures bets