The NHL GIFT That Keeps on Giving

The NHL GIFT is a bet worth making on a consistent basis. It’s a wager that gives bettors a chance to profit from each and every game on the NHL schedule. What bettor wouldn’t want that? Read on to learn more about this bet and how you can add it to your hockey betting strategy.

Betting NHL Games Played Outdoors

Use these tips when betting NHL games played outdoors. Key Points – There are some differences when betting NHL games played outdoors. – To begin handicapping an outdoor NHL game, treat it like any other game first.  Betting NHL Games Played Outdoors On the minds of most sports bettors when the calendar turns to January

The Problems with Early Season NHL Betting

These are the problems with early season NHL betting. Key Points – A lack of information is a problem with early season NHL betting. – NHL bettors have to be patient early in an NHL season. The Problems with Early Season NHL Betting With the NHL in its early stages, bettors are already at it.

Betting International Hockey at Offshore Sportsbooks

You can enjoy betting international hockey at offshore sportsbooks. Key Points – Going offshore is the best way to find odds on international hockey – International hockey offers similar bets to those of the NHL. Betting on International Hockey at International Sportsbooks When it comes to the odds, bettors in the United States and Canada

Finding Value in NHL Betting Odds

We identify key areas to focus on when looking at NHL betting odds. Key Points – NHL bettors can find betting value in a number of different situations. – The goalie matchup, the schedule, and recent performance are all helpful when looking for NHL betting value. Knowing NHL Betting Odds Betting on NHL games may

How Do You Bet on Hockey

How do you bet on hockey? We’ve been asked many times and here’s your answer. Key Points – Betting on hockey isn’t as popular as some other major sports, but there is still plenty of opportunity for bettors. – Hockey bettors can use a number of metrics to help them make good betting decisions. How

Betting NHL Player Props

NHL player props are great for fans that really follow their team and the league. Key Points – Betting on NHL player props makes betting on hockey more fun. – There are numerous NHL player props bets to take advantage of. Betting NHL Player Props More sports bettors are finding betting on NHL hockey more

Handicapping the NHL Playoffs

Handicapping the NHL Playoffs doesn’t need to be rocket science. Key Points – Bettors have some advantages when betting on the NHL playoffs. – There are several factors that can help in handicapping the NHL playoffs. Handicapping the NHL Playoffs Betting on the NHL is a unique animal in itself and bettors, in general, are

Top Hockey Pay Per Head Services

Hockey Pay Per Head services provide a massive betting menu. This improves bookie’s profits and bettors’ needs. Key Points – The top hockey pay per head services offer the most hockey betting options. – Bookies should look for PPH services that offer the best combination of hockey betting options, other features, and pricing. Hockey Pay

Betting NHL Futures

Betting NHL futures needs to be in your sports betting repertoire.  Key Points Betting NHL futures typically comes with higher, plus-money odds making higher payouts possible. Betting on the Stanley Cup is not the only NHL futures bet on the market. An NHL futures bet is exactly as it sounds. Bettors are placing a wager