Who Might Take Home the Hardware for 2015-16 NHL Season?

Do we have to do an awards preview even before the season starts?  This might seem like folly but by projecting where some of the strongest play for will translate into an additional handicapping tool.  Who is expected to have standout goaltending this year?  How about the league leader in scoring?  Stay tuned to APEX

Pacific Predictions to Profit By

Profit could be very plentiful for all of us in the Pacific Division.  APEX Hockey Betting has lined up all the favorites and dark horses for the divisions and this one stood out the most.  So let us take look if the Ducks will take flight or another team will wrest the top spot. Calculating

Surprise Long Term Edmonton Contract

Jackpot Signing for Edmonton 7-7-7 came up with a jackpot signing for the Oilers.  Oscar Klebom has cashed in his 77 games played into a seven year contract  Mind you that we do not mind the signing but for that length of time for such a short initial stay is eyebrow raising.  The silver lining

Extra Equity in Depth

While not storming out of the gate, the teams with superior depth are the candidates for consistency in the 2015 season.  Why attempt to ride the tempest when calmer waters exist where profit is still aplenty?  Night in and night out, the following teams will perform maybe not at the highest of standards but will

High on the Maple Leafs for 2015

There is little room for deflection now that Toronto’s favorite scapegoat has been shipped.  A new regime is in place that will certainly give this franchise a definite direction.  Will it be the free skating high scoring squad or the overly defensive team that the players resented near the end of last season?  Come join

Who Not to Bet Your Bankroll on for This NHL Season

A majority of us want to hop on the next big thing.  Look at the Islanders last season as they exceeded expectation with their exciting brand of hockey.  However, the teams that went south for a period of time or for the entire season were just as bankable.  Detroit and Pittsburgh are finally gravitating back

Under Valued Net Minders for 2015

While the prices will remain too high on the goaltending elite, it is APEX Hockey Betting’s job to find those that will exceed their expectations this year.  The first month or two of the regular season will be rife with inaccuracy with money prices.  Let us take a look at which of those men between

NHL Offseason Adjustments on the Horizon?

With the draft gone and free agent big names being swallowed up, people often make the mistake that all the value has been extracted from this time of year.  NHL Execs and those that handicap hockey for years know that there is still gold to be panned for.  APEX Hockey Betting dons their work shoes

GM’s On the Edge

One of the tried and true ways to determine a strong regular season start is to examine which GM’s are on the hot seat.  Normally the regular season is about fuel conservation towards the playoffs.  Burn to bright early and your team does not have that vital kick to finish it off.  However when your

State of the Shootout in the Eyes of Bettman

How to deal with ties for a professional league so dependent on it’s gate for players salaries?  Few things fans equate with money not well spent as doling out tickets only to see the contest end in a draw.  The NHL has realized this and over the years have tried various formats to prevent this