Corsi Percentage Metric and a Team to Tail for the Month

Corsi percentage is what we covered in the first article last week.  I will pick up where my esteemed co-worker left off.  NHL fans are now catching onto a team that has surprising results so far.  Does the Corsi percentage indicate that the results are warranted or are they a flash in the pan?  Also we will look at a disappointment in the standings and see if they languish in our metric tracking as well.  Join as we continue to look at the wild world of hockey metrics.

Under the Radar No More

Profit has come heavy and hard for those that have been wagering on the New York Islanders.  As the season goes deeper, the attitudes of the naysayers have slowly come around.  Part of the success is the near .920 save percentage of Jaroslav Halak.  He has been standing on his head but will it be enough to last the entire season.  The Corsi for percentage in regards to the Islanders is 52.9% which places them fifth in the league.  What this means is that the NYI are controlling play and getting off more shots.  Had their Corsi percentage put them in the lower half of the league then we can conclude that the Islanders have been relying on hot goal tending primarily in this stretch.  With their ranking so high, the goalie is still doing a great job but the Islanders would still do well when/if he regresses towards the mean.

Possession Finally Catching Up to Roy and the Avs

Oh Colorado Where Art Thou?  In his rookie campaign, the legendary net minder hit the gas hard and the Avs overcame a lot of their liabilities.  One of time was you guessed it possession.  They were in the lower half of the league and it took a while but it finally caught up to them.  Now that the league has the blueprint to deal with Colorado, they have bumbled to a bad start (7-9-5).  Their Corsi percentage is third worst in the league at 44.2.  Scouring the Internet, some experts have this team as low as 28th in their power rankings due to a large part that they do not possess the puck.  They have time to correct this to salvage the season but Roy is not the coach to help them improve in this area.

NHL Rising Team San Jose

  •      Under Rated Corsi Team to Tail for Nov Until Dec 15th : San Jose Sharks

San Jose is in a tie for seventh/eighth in Corsi percentage but are languishing near the .500 mark.  This might mean that they are due breaks and that their possession game should be showing results soon.  To improve as a handicapper, you choose teams in these situations.  If you want to wager a little to make it interesting, go ahead.  This is not a lean but a trial and error to see if theories like this might have appeal to you.  It costs you nothing to record and follow.  I have faith in this and will bet half units on each game.  I will disclose how I did at the end of this.