U.S. women’s hockey team dismantles Sweden, bores viewers, and that’s OK

It devolved from there; the Twitter discussion, generally, was dominated by a pseudo-debate over the merits of a tournament in which the top two teams — the U.S. and Canada — routinely demolish everyone else.

That’s a nuanced discussion to have, and it deserves time outside of a routine game recap. Overall, though, it’s possible to broadly acknowledge the disparity of games like this, while also realizing that comptetive sports aren’t built in a day, and the importance of women’s hockey as an Olympic sport.

It’ll take time, it’ll take money and it’ll take support. Hopefully, all three come. In the meantime, games like that are unpleasant to watch.

Canada, for the record, plays its own semifinal game at noon against Switzerland.

Anyway, here’s Doc Emerick saying Josephine Pucci’s name a bunch of times.