Dallas and Washington Upgrade for 2015 Season

The season looms closer as franchises seek to continue their success or alter their misfortunes for 2015.  It has to be a more exciting season as rule interpretation will bring back some of the goal scoring.  Few leagues depend upon their gate more than the NHL. Apex Hockey Betting will look at two franchises seeking change not only in their home towns but across the league.

Owner Deflection

Most of the time, owners in the NHL look towards the bottom line instead of through the eyes of a fan.  Not so with the Capitols as their owner took the stance of issuing a public apology to their superstar and fans on what he feels  is a failure on his part.  He notes the consistent level of play of his superstar and his lunch pail mentality of performing every night.  The 2013 season was the one that caused massive changes to be implemented.  Now with the addition of TJ Oshie and Justin Williams, the sky is the limit for Washington this upcoming season.


Fittingly enough, one of the maverick franchises in the NHL comes out of Dallas.  The league went almost entirely on the defensive last year.  Power play opportunities were on the decline last year.  Symmetrical formations reduced risk but at the cost of almost all offense.  Even the high flying Leafs up in Toronto look to be grounded for the immediate future.  Dallas wants to buck this trend and has done another mega deal in the offseason to do so.  Sharp and Johns were acquired in a trade with the Chicago Blackhawks.  This seems to almost burn their bridge on the notion of restriction in scoring.  Dallas gave away yet another defenseman.  This might not be consistently winning hockey but exciting to not only watch but wager upon.

This league needs heroes.  Washington and Dallas are determined to create environments that are friendly to goal scoring and winning.  Not since the days of the Left Wing lock and Red Wing Cups has the league been this dry  Applause should be given to these two towns.  Next time at Apex Hockey Betting we will look at the futures for these two and see what will be ripe for profit in 2015-16.