Darkhorses for Lord Stanley’s Cup

Landmines can make the easiest roads to travel perilous.  Smooth sailing is supposed to be the norm for the top seeds but they are a few sharks left in the shallow waters.  Which teams out there have the punch to strike back this April?  Also which team is utterly toothless and should be faded?  Read on with Apex Hockey Betting as we look at some darkhorses for this Stanley Cup run.

NHL Playoff Wish List

Every team out west that can get Calgary would want them as a first round matchup.  This team is crawling and up in the anemic category in several offensive categories.  Puck possession and shot taking they rank near the lower portions of the league.  Their power checking game is lackluster with an overall lack of size that is going to take the toll.  This is the appetizer that teams want to win in five without a physical toll being inflicted upon them.

Obvious Pitfall

The Spartans of the NCAA tournament and the Kings in the NHL are becoming used to late season pushes.  They use the regular portion of the schedule to try all matter of things out and find out which ones work the best for them.  Throw in Quick at goaltender plus the massive shot differential this team has.  No one wants this team in the first nor any other round in the Stanley Cup.

Jury is Out On

Pedigree more than prowess this time around, the Boston Bruins are not the dish one wants if you are the #1 seed in the East.  All that experience and a know how to winning might overcome a lukewarm goals against.  Their five on five skills are in the upper portion of the league.  While not the strongest of forces, they have more grit than any team that would be sixth or seventh in this division.

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