Dipping Into the Well a Second Time with Corsi Percentage

Apex Hockey Betting examined what the Corsi percentage was and how it could effect handicapping the NHL in an earlier set of articles.  This hockey metric attempts to represent possession of the puck with an easy to read percentage.  Teams that handle the puck more would naturally have more chances than not. Having examined the team league leaders, we ascertained that the San Jose Sharks were due to an uptick in their lackluster record.  We wagered every game moneyline until December 20th.  Apex readers saw a profit if they tailed us during this period.

Mystery Team Revealed


One team stands out in corsi percentage but still having below average performances.  Even though they are 16-13-4, they should be much higher.  They have lost five in a row.  During this stretch little has gone right.  However, goal tending equalizes over time.  Pucks that were not going in for them will start obeying statistical norms.  We look forward to tailing them for a period of time.

Upcoming Games

  • Dec 29th @ Winnipeg
  • Dec 31st @ Columbus
  • Jan 2nd Toronto
  • Jan  3rd @ Dalls

We would normally go farther but their next two games in the stretch are against the league leaders in Corsi percentage (Chicago), and San Jose whom is obeying the same trend.  It is important to know and avoid these pitfalls when facing teams that are obeying the same metric norms.

So Apex Hockey will attempt to ring in the New Year with some welcome profit.  Pay attention to and continue to monitor the Corsi percentage.  We will use the lines at our preferred sports wagering option, Americas Bookie, to secure our profit.  So until we talk again, Happy New Year and keep on wagering on the NHL.