Dirtier Hockey with Less Enforcers

Goons used to wobble on skates with impunity in the NHL.  Most every team had that specialized player to be sent on the ice if the other team got too far out of line.  These days this luxury is becoming a rarity.  Learn from APEX Hockey Betting on why our sport is getting dirtier and learn the reasons why the enforcer are going the ways of the dinosaur in this edition of APEX Hockey.

Pittsburgh Going Head Hunting

All of this is building up to a fevered boil because a player with concussion problems got popped on the ice.  Dubinsky from the Colombus Blue Jackets used his stick and body to proceed to check from behind Sidney Crosby recently.  Now until this point, the department of player safety has been handing down consistent suspensions for this style of hit.  Bracing for the worse, Colombus was astonished to only have a one game suspension for their player.

Dirty Hockey

Not without enforcers, dirty hockey and the risk of real injury could occur.  With the trend of the coaches going more towards four lines to combat attrition during the long NHL season, the enforcer was on the way out.  Visors further pushed him to the door.  Analytics was the final depth blow as it was shown to not be goal effective to keep one on the roster.

So now the Pens have to take matters into their own hands.  They can not appear to be soft else Crosby will be the constant target.  Look for some grevious injury with stick work to occur.  Modern hockey might be all about efficiency but it has not evolved to the point where it does not need their neanderthals anymore.