Edmonton and Detroit Summer Activity

Edmonton and Detroit are next up in our radar for summer activity.  Edmonton is hoping to make that next leap forward this year.  Meanwhile, the Red Wings have to grind hard at the end of the year to just make the playoffs.  Is this the year their record playoff appearance streak finally comes crashing to a halt?  Let us see right now here at APEX Hockey Betting has in store for us all.

Edmonton Cemented One Good Move

Early on and the Oilers have taken a large step forward in addressing their main weakness.  Front office sees Adam Larsson as an elite defenseman.  Other disagree with a passion but they took a step for a player who is at least good and fits their need.  Now the second punch of the proposed one two is what is really going on a limb.  They think that they can get Milan Lucic to play for the Oilers.  Franchise has near $`13 million under the cap.  Lucic would require at least $6m.  This leaves only seven million left to get the veteran depth this team needs.  Better spent on defense as they have options on the team that could do well in the scoring department.

Too Many Forwards

Another team bent on stock piling forwards is Detroit.  They signed key players to extensions and then went shopping.  Front office gave over $30 million to Frans Nielsen of the Islanders to play on Detroit’s second line. Thomas Vanek got almost three mill for one year.  The Wild player got his contract bought out from Minnesota.  This appears to be a big reward to little risk payroll wise move.  Now they have to spend almost the remainder of their cap resigning DeKeyser and Mzarek.  Detroit seems to be treading water compared to the rest of the league this offseason.

Now is the time to tinker with your handicapping.  Read up on how to bet hockey articles.  Follow the free agency wire.  Get used to the perceived power structure.  Preseason hockey is almost here for us.  We will continue to do the scouting and work for you here at APEX Hockey Betting all summer long.