Extra Equity in Depth

While not storming out of the gate, the teams with superior depth are the candidates for consistency in the 2015 season.  Why attempt to ride the tempest when calmer waters exist where profit is still aplenty?  Night in and night out, the following teams will perform maybe not at the highest of standards but will be consistent for the purpose of your mathematical modeling.  Without any further ado, here are the teams with the best chance for that desired steadiness for the season ahead!

Moneymaker for Improvement

ML’s for the Buffalo Sabers will again be sky high.  Unlike most other seasons, this year Buffalo will have a product that will be better than advertised with superior depth to previous editions.  Evander Kane and Ryan O’Reilley will lead a resurgence to this city.  We are not proclaiming them as world beaters for the Stanley Cup but for your wagering value, this will be a consistent well to draw upon for 2015.

Chemistry Will Click

For the team that will roar back into the limelight, look no further than the San Jose Sharks.  They ranked high in metrics for puck possession but were snakebit for the entire year.  At issue is how will the veteran leaders get the younger talent to hop on board.  Look for Joe Thorton to bridge the gap in this regard.  If they can get Micro Mueller and Matt Tennyson into the fold right away, then the profit train departs immediately.  If not then the stops to valueville will be a month or two into the season.

So there we stand in the first installment of this series at APEX Hockey Betting.  Knowing which teams have the depth to make a go of it all season long is the lynch pin where your success will rest.  Buffalo will have outstanding ML value from the very start.  San Jose might be a wait and see for one month but then one would  be wise to look at them as a high option every game they play.  Good fortune to your wagers today and we will see you next time here at Apex Hockey Betting.