Fade Montreal? Time to move in Opposite Direction

A tangled tale of two teams in opposite directions highlights the start of the 2015 NHL season. Both Montreal and Anaheim were projected to be at or near the top tier of NHL talent. One franchise has exploded from the gate while the other is suffering from internal implosions. Find out which is which and how strong of a record breaking start one of them is going through. All of this is on tap for you right now at APEX Hockey Betting.

Out Everything

At least those teams that give a great effort can be forgiven their short comings. Alas this is not the case in California as Anaheim has swooned to a 1-5-1 start. Bruce Boudreau could see himself get fired in a rapid manner only meant for the coaches of the Flyers. Case in point is the 3-0 pasting they were inflicted with by the Wild. Outworked and out shot 30 – 15 made this as ugly as it was one sided. Oddly the coach was on record saying that when goals do not come forth that you have to just fire everything at the next for that lucky bounce to get the puck rolling. Alas if fifteen shots was all the team could muster after that speech than Bruce might be the next coach gone.

Puck Line Plunder

We had in a previous article here at APEX Hockey Betting the insistence of betting puck line for Montreal. Last night, they continued their scorching start with a 5-3 cover against the Maple Leafs. Now they have the record of most regulation wins to start a season at nine. Front and center in this rash of covers is the attitude of pouring it on instead of sitting back when the Habs get the lead. Price can handle the load and odd man chances in this style. Now is the time to call off the dogs and actually fade Montreal.

Why should we abandon the money maker? Simple : three games in four days in a west coast tour of Canada. They will have to adapt their style of play to conserve energy. Puck lines should not be considered. A timely ML fad in Edmonton or the back to back locale of Calgary should pay off handsomely. Good fortune in this new strategy and we will see you next time here at APEX Hockey Betting.