Game Two : Sharks at Penguins Parlay Leg 6/1

No more nerves is the mantra for Game Two backers of San Jose going int Wednesday.  First period was all about calming the butterflies but Pittsburgh would have none of it.  They swarmed the net for the last 15 minutes of the first period and was rewarded with a 2-0 lead.  After that, SJ found some hope but used all their energy in getting back to even.  Sharks lost 3-2 but has great practical chances to still escape even up going back to California.  So let us at APEX Hockey Betting look at where the profit potential for this parlay leg lies on the first day of June.

Game Two  : Parlay Power

The power of the parlay propels your profit to the next level if you can catch that proverbial lightning in a bottle.  For those not familiar with this type of bet, the has this stellar article describing the ins and outs of parlays.  What was the most valuable dimension that the Sharks learned was on the defensive side of the puck.  Pinching with their aggressive brand of forechecking did not work at all.  Part of it was nerves but a lot has to do with the ability to counter punch on the part of the Penguins.  This is going to be taken out of the game plan for the second game but can the Sharks conjure another scheme in such a short period of time?

Look at the Totals

This is one of the few teams that can skate with Pittsburgh.  The onus is on the Sharks to prove that the Pens goaltender is just a 21 year old.  San Jose has to be pretty happy that their goaltender faced over 40 shots and only had one questionable goal of the three slide by.  Totals on this game are currently at 5.5 goals with the over near +120.  All signs for this game is an entertaining brand of hockey that we can profit on.

So prepare your parlays.  Whether you already know the other legs or want to make it an open type, one must include Game Two in the parlay.  Our free pick is the over 5 1/2 on June 1st.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Hockey Betting.