GM’s On the Edge

One of the tried and true ways to determine a strong regular season start is to examine which GM’s are on the hot seat.  Normally the regular season is about fuel conservation towards the playoffs.  Burn to bright early and your team does not have that vital kick to finish it off.  However when your personal job is on the hot seat, a gone gm also indicates that the coach is soon to be on his way out also.  With rumored tenure changes, let us look at whom will storm out of the gate this season.

Right Moves, Little Results

Florida has been under the leadership of General Manager Dale Tallon since 2010.  Heralded with making correct moves, he has reaped little for his critical acclaim.  He has made the playoffs only once since 2010.  On paper getting Luongo back is correct.  Also Aaron Ekbald is a feather in anyone’s cap who drafts him.  However, he is on a short leash and really needs a fast start to diminish the swirling winds that are surrounding him.  Look for the Panthers to come out quickly this 2015 season.

No Crown for the King

Dean Lombardi has been at his job since 2006 for the Kings.  Before that, he worked for the crosstown Kings.  Maybe California has gotten a bit stale.  Hard to believe that a team that won the cup in 2014 is under fire now.  Part of the reason was how hard they collapsed last year.  He added Milan Lucic to the fold but is very limited in future moves due to the crushing effect of the cap.  With little left, his team needs another uncharacteristic start to keep the pressure off.  Once there, he can worry about how to finish but right now  his LA team must start strong.

As water rolls downhill, the pressure or lack of it wielded by the GM on his coach and underlings is very influential.  Both at Florida and Los Angeles, both teams need to get out of the gate quickly for a clam second half of the season.  Keep this in mind in regards to both futures and early season wagering once the season kicks off very soon.  Good fortune in your sports investment and we will talk to you next time here at APEX Hockey Betting.