Here’s Mud In Your Eye Cost NHL Ref One Game

Hockey has usually operated by a code of conduct that would confuse American sports  More associated with Canada, some of the decision making by the league office confounds the logic of their American brethern.  This edition of  Apex Hockey Betting will look at what maligned ref got his livelihood yanked for one game for something me and you can do freely.  This and we provide you with a team to look out for that will bolster your bottom for the rest of February.

Mud In Your Eye


A drink between a ref and one of his harshest critics caused the league office to come down with a one game suspension.  Tim Peel has been a referee since the 90’s.  While not infamous, he has made his fair share of odd and the occasional bad call.  During a recent trip, he sat down with Greg Wyshynski who authors part of Yahoo Sports NHL section.  They held a frank conversation/interview in which the ref let the writer into his head on some of his lesser refereeing moments.  Greg decided to twitter a picture of them doing a tequila shot and somehow it all went wrong.

Show Up for Work Talent

Peel would be the student that would graduate with B’s and C’s.  His career highlight was being sent to Sochi for the Winter Games.  This did not have any significant events of note precede it as he has never worked a Stanley Cup Final Game.  It is unfortunate that the NHL cracked down on this social interaction with an active ref.  No one ever hears from them and yet they control the tempo almost as much as the coaching staffs.  He is back to work now and the NHL refuses to comment any further considering it a done deal.

Finally, we will leave you with a team to look out for.  The Preds are due to play even better hockey during this recent stretch.  Rinne’s .939 in net is just under Price of Montreal for best in the sport.  Ribeiro is making the most of his most recent chance after getting tangled in the substance abuse program.  Last but not least, this team can score.  Do your homework on Nashville and look at their team total for the rest of this month.  Tune in next time to Apex Hockey Betting for more of the favorite sport north of the border.