High on the Maple Leafs for 2015

There is little room for deflection now that Toronto’s favorite scapegoat has been shipped.  A new regime is in place that will certainly give this franchise a definite direction.  Will it be the free skating high scoring squad or the overly defensive team that the players resented near the end of last season?  Come join APEX Hockey Betting as we break down what the Maple Leafs must do to see marketable improvement for the 2015 season.

Goalie Contract

Jonahtan Bernier is the key to how his team will develop during Babcock’s initial years.  The organization has decided to stand by their netminder by offering him a two year extension.  Now do they have a goalie that can stand on his head like in 2013 or needs scheme protection to flourish like last year?  The preseason will indicate on what the over under in goals per game will be set at for the start of the season.

Centers Need Free Range

Nazem requires the open offense the team once had to get it going.  The stifling defensive scheme helped caused Kadri to fall off the planet.  He even got benched when it was going very bad last year.  Couple that with what is going on with Tyler Bozak.  His production was more the cause of losing Kessel on the wing.  This was a center dominated team and needs to have the focus back to this instead of that defense first hockey theme.

Babcock has the advantage of having the pedigree to withstand a bad season.  Had it been another coach with less experience, then these Leafs would have a strong opening but then fall off.  With Babcock the centers will develop more slowly but balanced.  APEX Hockey Betting projects that the Leas will have a better team than last year and snag on of the wild cards in the process. Good fortune to us in this future and we will talk to you next time here at APEX Hockey Betting.