Hockey Lore Hits the Auction Block

Looters have looked west and north of the American border for pieces of the puzzle for the playoffs.  Usually content to just field offers, one mainstay on the seller list is moving towards the realm of buyers in regards to one position.  On another front, the auction block was presented with a nifty piece of hockey lore.  With the bidding to exceed $100,000, what piece of history found its way on the hand of the fortunate bidder.  This is what is on tap for your Apex Hockey Betting article for today, the 22nd of Feb.

Edmonton Nears the Trade Deadline

Heavy on potential, the Oiler are amping up the aggression to ship and acquire pieces as March second approaches.  On the almost must trade side looms Jeff Petry at defense.  While a few untouchables like Eberle and Hall exist, most everyone else can be haggled for.  In front of the goalie, there is only one tandem that Edmonton is content with.  Schultz and Klefbom are respectable pros at defense.  Meanwhile at center, Lander has been stepping up his game and is probably safe to call Edmonton home once 2016 rolls here.  What all the eggs could be shipped for is a goaltender.  Eyes are on Cam Ward of Carolina.  He is not too old at thirty and would provide stability at goal where there is little.  Look for an early trade from the Oilers with a prolonged pitch to pry him from the Hurricanes.

Price on Miracle on Ice

One of the ultimate feats in amateur athletics has been given a price after all.  The Miracle on Ice represented one of the great American moments in sports where the athletes went unpaid.  Now after all of these years, a memento from that hallowed team went to auction.  The late great coach Herb Brooks  had a ten karat gold ring go to the podium.  This piece of jewelry was crafted to commemorate Lake Placid.  Over $113,000 was shelled out for this ring.  In the honor of collegiate players, the funds raised will go towards the college education of the Brooks’ grandchildren and the foundation named after Herb Brooks.  Victory against the Evil Empire in the Cold War still plays on the mind of many citizens these days in the United States.

Here is the carrot at the end of the stick for all us bettors.  If Edmonton gets Ward, look for immediate value from the team.  All will be eager to see how the team can skate and perform with a legitimate goaltender between the pipes.  The Oilers will make a leap forward if this happens especially against fellow teams eliminated from playoff contention.  Keep your eye on the trade deadline and prepare to pound Edmonton if the cards fall right.