Making Game Six Easy : St. Louis @ San Jose

Game six between the Blues and Sharks could mark the end of an era for Partick Marleau.  Over the course of 1,500 regular season games, he has toiled for a franchise that has never even gotten to the Stanley Cup Final.  All of this could be coming to an end in a positive light tonight.  9PM on May 25th sees the puck drop in San Jose as the Sharks try to skate towards changing history.  How will they respond in the role of a -160 favorite to do so this evening?

Making Game Six Easy

Sometimes every facet of the sports wagering scene gets labor intensive.  Some bookmakers have made it hard on themselves by sticking to antiquated practices. Hockey handicappers can fall into the same trap by not embracing technology.  First thing that we look for is to the live lines section of America’s bookie to see what the favorite is costing me right now.  I examine the money and puck lines and see such a great gulf in price.  Usually, pucklines in the playoffs go down in the frequency that they come in as snug play results in more one goal games.  However, elimination games of this magnitude have the trailing team throwing caution to the wind as the Blues have  no tomorrow.

Conclusion : If you think San Jose is the team tonight then the PL is at a very good price to pounce on.

Key Factors

One side is going to stay on the same course while the other goes for the lightning in the bottle effect.  17-60 in the power play is going to get the Sharks even more wins if they keep up the prowess on special teams.  This and first line play has been the key difference.  Blues are trying to counter this by getting that magic from the bench bringing back Elliott after he himself was yanked just two games ago.

Very few times does a goalie who has been yanked come back to make a big difference.

Bookmaking is now very easy with the advent of Pay Per Heads.  Great graphic design that handles as many of the customer demands as you desire.  Handicappers have an easy road to profit tonight.  Sharks Puckline for that extra profit potential in your account. Good fortune to us all and we shall see you next time here at APEX Hockey Betting.