NHL Free Agency Gems for 2015

A vital aspect in keeping your hockey handicapping sharp is the tracking of trades and moves in free agency.  Even if they do not go down, the potential and rumors cause us to not only probe but see weaknesses in franchises we did not suspect were there.  All in all this well help us to hit the ground running when the preseason concludes.  So come with us here at APEX Hockey Betting as we look at some of the more pertinent moves in the NHL.

Paying the Premium

Money does not spend nor even equates to the same thing at every stop in the NHL.  More isolated venues like Alberta usually have to pay a premium to get prime time players to their province.  Both Edmonton and Calgary shelled out big bucks this summer.  Andrej Sekera is almost the exact match Edmonton needs in a scoring defenseman.  For $33 million over six years, they had the cap space to absorb this.  Calgary kept pace with their success last year.  Frolik gives them the old time leadership to take the next step.

Window Has Closed

Hockey has the habit of rewarding those that are quick on the draw.  When the music stops, those without a chair see their negotiating power passed away.  No one blames him for trying to get all he could get.  He was the odd victim of a thrifty Leafs attitude in an era where Toronto spent money like water.  Some teams will give him a decent living but his chance has passed.

Finally the Babcock era for the Leafs has started strong.  They have turned the corner and are no longer a stop for over the hill stars.  Solid players who grant them depth were signed and mostly for affordable prices.  Winnik and Hunwick almost give them a free roll.  Cheap and sturdy souls that form the new lines that can give Toronto the defensive attitude they sought to instill last year.  Maple Leafs futures are at a good price and should be invested in before the market gleans this.  Good fortune and we will see you later in the week at Apex Hockey Betting.