Nashville’s Freight Train Mentality Vs Colorado Tonight

Nashville (17-7-2) has returned to a state of grace and is in the hunt for the playoffs once again.  In their way tonight are the Colorado Avs (9-12-6) that appear to be rudderless without an anchor to stabilize them.  The Preds are slight road favorites -117 while the total has the hook at 5 1/2.  Apexhockeybetting is proud to give you their NHL Free Play of the day.

Tried and True

Word association time!

  • Nashville
  • Defense

The freight train has returned to Nashville.  A departure from the rock’em sock’em robots they were last year cost them a playoff spot.  This year’s hit anything that moves attitude has catapulted them to second place and in eyesight of the Blackhawks.  Goaltender Pekka Rinke has the ability to steal the soul of the other team and sucking the life out of their offense.  This year he has not been the world beater but he has a good chance against the Av’s as puck possession is not one of their better traits.  With an average road record, will there be enough air in their lungs to continue the beatdown into the third period?



Having a head coach that was a former goalie legend has gotten into Varalmov’s head.  Roy is a vocal leader who lets anyone know what is on his mind.  With Stastny out of the lineup for a prolonged period of time, an uptick for the Avs is not really on the horizon.  The Pepsi Center will hear the distant thunder as Colorado is going to take punishment tonight.

Coughing up the puck makes the total easier to predict.  The Avs uprink rush will suffer under the hammer blows. Thin mountain air will catch the Preds unaware and a step slow.  All this goes for a middle ice game and a low scoring one to boot.  The NHL Free Pick is the under 5 1/2 goals tonight.  Good fortune and we will see you next time.