NHL Grand Salami & Why is it Fun to Bet

If you’re looking to learn about the NHL Grand Salami, you’ve come to the right place. Variety is the spice of life, but finding ways to vary your hockey betting from the traditional moneyline and puck line bets or DFS lineups can be tough.

NHL betting options are still somewhat limited as the league hasn’t embraced betting to the extent of Major League Baseball, the NFL, or the NBA.

One way to mix up your NHL betting is to bet on the NHL Grand Salami. Here, we will explain how a grand salami bet works, strategies for placing the wager, and when to make a grand salami bet.


What Is a Grand Salami Bet?

Grand Salami betting is somewhat similar to a parlay bet. It involves predicting the over/under goal total of all games on a given day. 

Unlike moneyline and puck line bets, which only focus on one game (or several if it’s a parlay), the Grand Salami requires research on every matchup to be successful.

Part of the appeal of a Grand Salami bet is that it generally offers bettors more favorable odds than on any individual game. Because of this, the payoff can be much better.

For example, if there are 10 games on a given day, bookmakers may set the Grand Salami at 46.5 goals. Bettors must then decide whether every team will combine for 46 goals or fewer (the under) or 47 goals or more (the over).

Because hockey is, in general, a lower-scoring sport, the “under” is usually the favorite for betting purposes. However, this can change based on several factors, especially if there is a larger number of games being played.


What Should I Research Before Placing a Bet?

The first thing you should do before placing a Grand Salami bet is to look at the total number of games scheduled for the day. Grand Salami bets aren’t easy to predict at any stage. However, with more games, there is a greater degree of variability for the final goal-scoring total.

After that, one of the biggest factors to look at is the goaltending matchups throughout the day. If backup goaltenders are getting the start in more of the matchups, scoring may be higher over the course of the schedule.

Another good indicator is looking at the recent performances of each team, particularly the shots on goal per game, as well as average goals per game. Basic math tells us more shots mean more goals. 

Teams who put pucks on net are more likely to score, and teams who give up a high shot volume are more likely to be scored on.

Finally, consider digging into advanced stats to look at expected goals for (xGF) and expected goals against (xGA) by teams and players. Understanding and utilizing those metrics can help you better predict how many goals will likely be scored. This will get you closer to the Grand Salami total.

When Should I Make a Grand Salami Bet?

You should make a NHL Grand Salami bet whenever you want! Grand Salami betting is always fun, even if the bet doesn’t hit. For anyone looking to get more out of knowing how to bet on hockey, this bet is great.

However, the most important thing is to do your homework. Understanding matchups as discussed above, along with studying Grand Salami trends, is paramount to successful betting.

Good luck, and have fun! Do you feel like you need more about the NHL Grand Salami? Click here to read more directly from an online sportsbook.