NHL Live Lines Illuminate Stars at Islanders 5/3

Use of NHL Live Lines serves as a valuable barometer for playoff hockey.  Many people want to chime in with their opinions on whom will take the title.  Often we do not know which ones are from hard work and others based on bias for a home team.  Take for example the game tonight that has the Stars Islanders series going to New York.  Tied at one game apiece, the linesmakers set a line. Find out how monitoring the live lines at APEX Hockey Handicapping can give a true glimpse into any vulnerability in having the Islanders start off as the home favorite for Game Three on May 3rd.

NHL Live Lines : See the Momentum

Cash flow is a true indicator on where perception is present.  All that is left to fill in the gaps is when it has taken place.  For example, teams like the Blackhawks, Red Wings, and Boston Bruins all have brand name bias.  This means that the wagering will be skewed the morning after a line is introduced.  The working Joe sits down before work or at his lunch break to see what the offerings are on the home team.  He will pour money on almost any old line to add some craved action to root his team on.  This is irrelevant for our purposes.  Instead, we look more for the overnight movement to determine the true fate of the team.

Sharp Movement in the Stars at Islanders

Home ice, mathematical models, and legions of New York fans gave the linesmakers enough incentive to open the Islanders as home favorite.  Sharp money looked beyond this.  Difference in shots is key for them and Dallas dominated.  Look at the last two periods of Game Two where they choked the life out of the Islanders attack to the tune of eight shots.  A 4-1 easy win was the result.  All of this plus the better goalie in the pipes gave the sharps the incentive to back Ben Bishop and his Lightning team mates.  The overnight line slide to where the Tampa Bay Lightning are now the road favorites tonight.

Our live lines tracker here at APEX Hockey Betting can not only be used for NHL action but all the major sports leagues in American Sports.  Use this as a very handy reference as you expand your sports investment base.  Good fortune in the three games in NHL Playoff action and we will see you next week here at APEX Hockey.