NHL Money Lines for Tampa @ Detroit 4/19

Wagering has quickly adapted in the NHL Money Lines for the ramifications of Detroit’s 2-0 Game Three win over Tampa.  Their backs were not broken after a 5-2 blowout as the series left Tampa.  A key change immensely helped out the new goaltender for the Red Wings.  The linesmakers think this is still in effect donning the Red Wings as -120 favorites out of the gate.  Public came along and had driven up the price to the -130 regions.  APEX Hockey Betting will examine if the public has it right for Game Four’s opening faceoff at 7PM.

NHL Money Lines : Comparison

More than the usual suspects could be in play for tonight’s Game Four.  APE Hockey Betting has a primer for money lines vs puck lines that can be reviewed if one does not have the background theory for this article. The ML on this game has the Red Wings as the favorite.  As such they get the – 1 1/2 PL distinction running around +220 region.  There is a reason for this as the game tonight will be heavily contested.  Tampa’a underdog status grants them the normal + 1 1/2 spread in this one.  Very chalk heavy as it almost broke the -300 plateau in wagering.  In fact, one can argue going for the gusto in alternate line wagering and getting Tampa Bay at – 1 1/2 for some high altitude profit should Tampa win big tonight.

Goal Tending Change

Mrazek got the call in Game Three as Jimmy Howard could not stem the tide and steal a game in Tampa.  He got the 2-0 win but only faced sixteen shots.  The big reason why is that Detroit came up with a solution for the Lightning’s top line.  Abdelkader-Glendening-Sheahan held the top skaters of Tampa without a shot. This line was killing Detroit.  Now we look at the second factor that should go Detroit’s way tonight.

21 Penalties

Through three games, this is the average amount of penalties called per night.  The seven game series has them harboring no love for each other but it has escalated to all out war here.  Keeping a cool head might get that one or two additional power play chance for Game Four.  Tampa lost the mental game last time.  Players demonstrating chicken dances to get Detroit to fight is counter productive when one could not eclipse 20 shots for the game.  Add to that the new found frustration of the Lightning’s top line and it could all boil over here

Yet these are not the most pertinent factors.  Detroit has shown during key regular season games that they can restrain teams for a short period of time.  Too many times in those almost must wins to get into the playoffs, Detroit was not only losing but getting their doors blown off by the Penguins and others.  The success in game three will be short lived.  Game Four is where the higher seed looks to assert their dominance to go up 3-1 in the series.  They might allow a few more special teams chances but will be the better skaters on the ice.  Market movement is wrong here.  APEX Hockey Betting advises to take the road underdog Tampa Bay ML in Game Four.  Good fortune in this venture and we will see you next week here at APEX Hockey.