NHL Offseason Adjustments on the Horizon?

With the draft gone and free agent big names being swallowed up, people often make the mistake that all the value has been extracted from this time of year.  NHL Execs and those that handicap hockey for years know that there is still gold to be panned for.  APEX Hockey Betting dons their work shoes and lunch pail to get down to it for this 2015 season.  What maneuvers could be completed that might still alter our perspectives for next season?

Everyone Knows Ottawa Has To Sell

When most of your peers know that you are over the barrel, few if any are willing to extract you from the situation unless the price is very low.  This is what the pick Sens Gm Bryan Murray finds himself in with regards to Colin Greening.  Almost thirty, he absorbs close to two and a half million per year when on most evenings he rides the pine as a scratch.  Two routes Ottawa could take.  One is to pay of part of his salary to his new team but this franchise is frugal.  Secondly is to showcase his talents in the preseason in an effort to impress suitors.  Either way, dont expect to see Colin moved any time soon.

Too Many Defenseman

Flyer fans and handicappers should expect a move from their team soon.  They have a plethora of defenseman that can not contribute on the offensive end to save their lives.  Andrew McDonald would have already been sent packing but his five million per year contract has most of the league being hands off with him.  This leaves the likes of Luke Schenn as the one to not have a chair when the music stops.  What is going to derail this before the pre season is that GM’s like to use the upcoming preseason to tinker with what they have instead of potentially derailing the progress they made.  Look for this to get done middle of the season with totals for the Flyer’s offense to languish from one dimensional attacks.

Well, there you have it.  Ottawa and Philadelphia will try to conjure these trades but will get little to nothing in return for them.  Look for the problems listed by this to languish until the middle of the 2015 season.  Good fortune in your wagering and we will be with you next time here at Apex Hockey Betting.