NHL Offseason : Looking in on Vancouver

This NHL Offseason can be typified as a gold rush for the teams in Canada.  Good afternoon and welcome back to APEX Hockey Betting.  With no team from the Great White North making the playoffs last year, fans will be bold with their entertainment dollars consuming merchandise from the franchise that will make the playoffs next year.  On the west coast, Vancouver is ready to instill changes and make that move.  Let us peek in on them to see the status of the Canucks this summer here at APEX Hockey.

NHL Offseason : Retention of Alex Burrows

Team is first of all going the distance with Alex Burrows.  A mid level contract at four years costing $18 million has not produced what was hoped for by the organization.  However at 35 and with only one year left, they felt the intangibles themselves would be well worth it to bring him back.  His example of the willingness to play all the way on the first line to activity on the fourth is invaluable in the era of the modern player.  If they make the postseason this year, his willingness to lay it all on the line sets them up for success.

Other Issues That Must Be Dealt With

Maturity must be seen Jake Virtanen.  The 19 year old must come in lighter with better fitness.  Front office has indicated that they are willing to send him down if he comes to camp in less than stellar shape.  A key defensive loss that is baffling is the parting of ways with defenseman Dan Hamhuis.  Dallas picked him up cheap after Vancouver did not pursue him.  Stats beyond scoring should have been paid attention to with this defenseman.  His prowess with zone denial was above board on the team.  This kind of skill pays for itself in the middle parts of the season as well as the playoffs.

The stated hope of 100 points and making the playoffs might be a reach but one can not just say that we hope to eek in.  Gudbranson and Hutton should be a potent combination since prying Erik from the Panthers.  Forecast is the lower tier of the playoffs meaning having to scramble for the wild card.  Good fortune in your sports wagering today and we will see you next time here at APEX Hockey.