NHL Playoff Wagering Is Finally Here


A wrecking ball cut a wide path through the NHL this season.  Many traditional powers are already on the sidelines.  Find out whom we had hopes for that will not get to play for Lord Stanley’s Cup.  Apex Hockey Betting presents to your own initial thought about the NHL playoffs this year.

Broke Our Heart 

1.  San Jose – Such puck possession at some point but they could never really make it pay off.

2.  Boston – Original six member whose powerhouse days might be done

3.  LA Kings –  Great series value in recent times because of ability to hit their stride very late.

4. Toronto –  Took high scoring lovable losers into just losers.


Reworking Your Reputation Series

Vancouver used to be regular season beasts that flopped hard in the playoffs.  Even the one year they made it to the final, the city ended up burning because they choked it away.  Now both them and their opponent have the ideal foe for each of them.  Calgary should face instant elimination against almost anyone.  Undersized, overachieving, and does not hold the puck well are traits that get you bounced fact.  If they had not drawn an historic choke franchise, then Calgary would be your fade of the playoffs.

Canada Trumps USA

Two matchups will have the crowds hot each and every game.  Chicago is always amped up for hockey while the Preds are the up and coming NHL city.  However, the historic nature of the game in the Great White North is the trump card when the hands are equal.  Montreal and Ottawa might only be eclipsed by inserting the Maple Leafs against the Habs.  If you want a gladiator style atmosphere then this is the series to wager on.

So the playoffs start on tomorrow.  Our friends at America’s Bookie are waiting for your NHL action.  Whether you like the young gun Islanders or the established powers like the Penguins, Ab has the odds to propel you to profit should your hunches prove correct.  Reload now for a plentiful free play to tuck in your account.