NHL Playoffs a Barn Burning Machine – Who’s a Fantastic Bet?

The NHL is improving their stock almost daily with what they bring to the table night in and night out. This year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs have been some of the best in recent years and if you have failed to get in on the action or simply haven’t had the time, then make time! The playoffs present a golden opportunity to make a lot of money betting this sport.

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Hockey is thought of and has always been thought of as the lesser of the four major sports in the United States. This is simply not true to the sports gambler. Sharp bettors know the value in hockey and they know the predictability level of these matchups.

Money Line vs. Totals

Betting the money line on individual periods has become a very popular way of betting hockey. There are three periods in a hockey game so this allows the bettor to break down who he thinks has the upper hand in a period. The home ice is a big advantage in the playoffs and the home team tends to come out in the first period fired up and ready to play. This is an added advantage for you the gambler. Keep in mind, the home team will usually be a favorite in the first period and it will cost you some juice. Be prepared to lay a heavy minus number.

Example: Penguins vs. Lightning- First Period Lightning -175…

This means that you will need to lay $175 in order to win $100 plus your $175 in return for a total of $275. Yes, it’s a lot of juice but usually worth it. Hockey is not like the NBA. In the NBA any team can come out and potentially win the first quarter, however there are exceptions to this rule, i.e. Golden State, and the Rockets.

Keep these friendly tips in mind when betting period money lines:

Betting the money line on a period works the same way as betting the money line for the entire game.

The odds for periods, will be different than betting the entire game.

Periods 1, 2 and 3 all work the same for money line betting purposes.

A 3rd period, money line wager, counts for regulation time only. If you bet the 3rd period money line, and the game goes to a shootout; the shootout does not count towards the final 3rd period score


Totals are a great way to play for one reason; you have no interest in the winner. You do not care who wins the game and you do not care who wins the periods. All that you care about is scoring or lack of scoring. If you take the over, you want action and a lot of scoring. If you take the under, you want a great defensive game and you believe in the pick based on the defensive ability of both teams.


Penguins vs. Lightning O/U 5.5 Over -110 Under-110

This total is for the entire game and you can either bet over 5.5, meaning that the game must go to six total combined goals or more in order for you to win the bet. If you bet under 5.5, the game can only go to five goals or less, if the game goes to six or more, you lose the bet

There will be individual totals posted for the periods as well. The trick is to do your homework, know the teams and what they are capable of scoring. Have fun betting the NHL playoffs and look for a great, top tier serviceable bookie that specializes in the NHL.