NHL Stanley Cup 2019 – A Way Too Early look

The 2018/2017 NHL season was a smashing success, and really one of the best in a very long time. The expansion Las Vegas Golden Knights came along at just the right time to make hockey the exciting sport that the fans have craved for years. Bookmakers worldwide were set to lose millions on futures bets and you can believe there was a collective sigh of relief when the Capitals won the Stanley Cup.

Hockey Betting – Money Lines and Puck Lines in Hockey

The NHL has always been the fans sport and it has certainly been the sport of choice to bet on for the smart players. The “wise guys” in Vegas make their money on two sports, hockey and baseball. Many gamblers prefer hockey for the non-stop action that it affords. The game truly never stops. For three periods of hockey you can count on one thing and that is action. There is never a dull moment and although there may not be non-stop scoring, there is certainly an all-out effort to score on every single play. What does this do, it creates stellar defense. With the onslaught of teams trying to score all game long, the defense must stop the opponent all game long. It is a never ending cycle of fun.

Online Sportsbooks Still Remain the ‘Best Bet’ for US Sports Bettors

Now that the dust has settled, the time is right to get in on the 2019 Stanley Cup Futures. The Washington Capitals opened the 2018 season as 75/1 underdogs. Imagine had you placed even a $20 bet on the Cap’s, it would have returned $1500. Now is the time to catch the online bookies with their pants down. They think they have this futures game all figured out but what they fail to do is their research. They quickly put up odds for the upcoming season and do very little research. They are hoping for the excitement of the past season to carry over to the now and hoping that bettors will jump in.

Tips for Taking Your Bookie Business to a Whole New Level of Success

Take the bait! This is one time when you should absolutely take the bait and invest in NHL futures. The odds are in the players favor but they won’t stay that way for long. Vegas can be naïve but they are not stupid. Eventually they will correct bad lines and what was once a great line for the gambler, is now a marginal line.

Check out this year’s odds on to win the 2019 Stanley Cup:

Tampa Bay Lightning ► 10/1
Washington Capitals ► 10/1
Nashville Predators ► 11/1
Boston Bruins ► 12/1
Pittsburgh Penguins ► 12/1
Toronto Maple Leafs ► 12/1
Winnipeg Jets ► 12/1
Vegas Golden Knights► 14/1
Edmonton Oilers ► 18/1
Anaheim Ducks ► 22/1
Chicago Blackhawks ► 22/1
San Jose Sharks ► 22/1
Calgary Flames ► 25/1
Columbus Blue Jackets ► 25/1
Dallas Stars ► 25/1
Los Angeles Kings ► 25/1
Minnesota Wild ► 25/1
Philadelphia Flyers ► 28/1
Colorado Avalanche ► 33/1
St. Louis Blues ► 33/1
Florida Panthers ► 40/1
New Jersey Devils ► 40/1
Carolina Hurricanes ► 50/1
Montreal Canadiens ► 50/1
New York Islanders ► 50/1
New York Rangers ► 50/1
Buffalo Sabres ► 66/1
Detroit Red Wings ► 66/1
Arizona Coyotes ► 75/1
Ottawa Senators ► 75/1
Vancouver Canucks ► 75/1

There are a lot of teams to choose from and the best move and best sports advice we can give is do your homework. It’s imperative that you know who you are betting on and why. If you simply do not have the time to do your homework then by all means find someone that can do it for you. There are sharp game adviser sites that will lead you in the right direction. Find the best ones online and let them do the heavy lifting so that you can invest to win.

The Golden Knights interestingly enough arte 14/1 favorites. This is a tremendous number and has to be worthy of a look. There are many teams that would be worth an investment for a nice payday including the Capitals, Lightning and Predators. Find out what top hockey sportsbooks are offering and get in now.