NHL Stanley Cup Finals Can Vegas Pull it Off?

Every fan outside of the beltway in the nation’s capital is holding their collective breath and hoping that it can be done. Can the Las Vegas Golden Knights actually win this thing? The answer is yes, they can. The Knights not only play with a lot of heart, they play with a chip on their shoulder. They will not be pushed around by anyone and they stood up to the Capitals in game one and got the 6-4 victory in front of the opening crowd in Las Vegas. What better place than Vegas to have a hockey team? Really, they fit in perfectly and they have been a source of healing for the fans following a horrific shooting back in October. The city of Las Vegas deserves this one and they just may get it.

Tips on betting on hockey – Betting Hockey Periods and Props

The Golden Knights do have one problem and that would be the Washington Capitals. The Capitals are not going to sit around in awe of the Knights simply because this is there first year. They could care less about this story and they want to take advantage of an opportunity that almost never comes around, and that is exactly what they did in game two. They may have exposed a tired Fleury. The good news for Fleury is he has a couple of days rest. The next matchup is back in Washington where the Capitals have not exactly been stellar.

This series is one of those that most likely goes the distance. Both of these teams are well coached, not just well coached; they are superbly coached. They are disciplined, they play hardball and they play fast. The first game was a testament to the fast play and the Knights took advantage of the pace. The Capitals made adjustments in game two that the Knights didn’t see coming and they made the most out of every moment. Alex Ovechkin scored his first ever goal in a Stanley Cup Finals and made it 13 for the playoffs.

Betting Hockey – Periods bets that are placed on a specific period of a hockey game.

There are a potential five games left in this series and every one of them will be good. There is still time to get in a get a great player bonus. Find a fantastic online sportsbook for betting on hockey and make the move now while you still have a chance.

Look for great prop odds in this series. If your bookie is behind the times when it comes to hockey props, then by all means, take a little time and do some searching out. If you are happy with your current bookie, then keep them but you should absolutely add more to your arsenal. You want more than one bookmaker this season and finding a great one is not hard to do.

What should you bet? Money Lines or Puck Lines in Hockey

Take some time in conducting a bookie research. Read the reviews of top sportsbook and do some comparison shopping. Most of today’s bookmakers give a bonus if you want to take one. Absolutely take a bonus, this is a great way to make free money. Who doesn’t want free money?

The rest of the way in this series is going to be spectacular. The Las Vegas Golden Knights have nothing to lose and they are letting it all hang out. The Capitals on the other hand don’t want to be the team that lost to an expansion team. We would say count on the Capitals to make strong showing when they get back home but their home record in the playoffs is nothing to write home about. One thing is for sure, this is a special year and both teams got here because they earned it.