Observing Prices When Goalie Status is Unknown

A situation that confounds even the linesmakers is what to do when a first string goalie is set to return from injury.  Timing is the key.  One has to put up offerings during the overnight stage, otherwise the competition gets the jump on you.  At the same time, there is a great deal of exposure if the anticipated does not happen and the second string has to go in yet again.  This is what is making the -150 price hovering on St. Louis as they visit Colorado tonight.

Groaning Groins


This is one of the worst injuries for a net minder to have.  All the movements are effected.  Also the injury can regress with one wrong step during the day’s routine.  Varlamov  has been out for six games due to this type of ailment.  His return is predicted but as of 9AM, there has been no confirmation of his return.  Does not Mr. Roy know that our wagering hinges on such valuable information?

A Rookie Sub is in the Wings

Knowing that he wont be sent to the minors after the starter returns, Calvin Pickard can play his relaxed game and just be his best.  He has been 3-1-2 with a sub two goals against during the time when the starter is on the shelve.  The problem is that Colorado is in the lower half of the league in time of possession.  Their defense has to play on their heels more and as such their netminders face more shots.  Varlamov stood on his head last year but tired in the playoffs.  A rookie’s endurance is much less and there is danger of him hitting the wall in this one.

So here is where the fun and enjoyment of sports handicapping comes in?  You have to come up with your own estimation of the price for the rookie goaltender tonight.  Then you have to project how good or bad a rust Varlamov will do.  Finally, if their is a dramatic difference then place a wager right now.  When the netminder is announced, if it is not the one you guessed, the market may correct itself into an arb situation for you.  No matter what, these mental exercises will elevate your game on any normal day let alone a situation like this.