Propel to Profit With These Teams in November

October closed out with some juicy trends about to emerge.  We correctly pegged the time when Montreal was ripe to fade.  Now the crack staff here at APEX Hockey Betting is at it again.  Find out in our first edition of November, what are the new paths of profit to trod on right now!

Fade St.Louis

Do not allow yourselves to be fooled in how they ended October.  Only three losses in October out of eleven total games has those that look only on the surface content to wager on the Blues.  However, the wheels are soon due to come off of this team.  Attrition is setting in as half of their best forwards on now on the shelf.  While St.Louis has less ML value than normal, look for them to adjust and drive the totals down in their upcoming games until health is restored.

Up the Gut

The other team to fade and also wager on the unders is of little surprise.  Shark fans are lamenting how they limped to the end of October.  Logan Couture was more of a lynch pin than pundits were willing to admit.  The 26 year old provided versatility in all facets of their second line.  He has even gotten past the sixty point mark twice in his career.  The slump has already began as they have only won two of their last seven.  With the team having to insert a winger to the center spot on the second line, the Sharks are a fade until they get Logan back in mid November.

We officially let Montreal off the hook now.  Instead you should set your sights on fading St. Louis and San Jose.  Good fortune in this November betting pattern.  We will see you later in the week here at APEX Hockey Betting to see where we stand in this ongoing pursuit of profit.