St Patrick’s Day Action for Our Apex Betting Family

Jet lag and an Irish holiday could cause the Blues'(44-20-5) players to come out a little flat in Calgary(38-26-5) this evening.  With the Flames in the midst of a war to get into the post season, they are saying the right things even if the results have not panned out as of late.  Factoring all of this, which way will the winds blow to profit this evening for our Apex Hockey Betting family?  Stay tuned and remember to take it in moderation today with the Irish.

A long time has transpired since these two teams have given us a point of reference to judge this meeting.  All the way back to October 11th was the last time that they meet.  The season was not even five games old as St. Louis crushed Calgary 4-1 but that was so far ago that there is little use in that game for this one.

Now what is pertinent is the gauntlet that Calgary has had to endure to get to this stage.  All their forwards seemed to fall to injury.  The annual rodeo causes them to go on a prolonged road trip that taxes the strength of the team.  Finally the captain, Mark Giorando, goes down for the entire year.

Combination of Talent and Emotion

Bob Hartley is the coach of the Flames and lets us in on the two keys at this stage.  Emotion has to be there as many teams resort to being the walking dead at this juncture.  This combined with talent will get you through this last stretch before the playoffs start.  Preparation must be there to help control your emotions, find a good pace, and still be able to hit that higher gear.  For once, it sounds like the Flames get it.

The thin air of Colorado only could shoulder some of the blame as the Flames lost a valuable opportunity to cement their playoff status.  They were dominant in the first but could not find a goal in a flurry of shots.  St. Louis is entering this stage with slightly more interest because they are chasing a slumping Preds team for the top spot in the Conference.  With TJ Oshie playing well on the ice and in shoot outs, this team is really tough in the extra time.  The total beckons for this one at under 5 1/2 goals.  Tight play with the Flames struggling to find their scoring touch will mean reduced chances on each side.  It is not the sexy pick but the one that has the best chance to cash tonight.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day and we will see you next time here at Apex Hockey Betting.