Stanley Cup Futures : A Balanced West Opens Up Playoffs 4/12

Final days of action caused some shifts in playoff scenarios but the smoke has cleared for APEX Hockey Betting’s Stanley Cup Futures.  Most of the media was buzzing about the mad rush in the Eastern Conference watching average teams nab the last two playoff spots.  Consider this to be the opening act and now we urge you to look towards Center Stage.  Here for your sports speculation opportunities is the Western Conference.  Top to bottom, a case could be made for anyone of the eight teams making it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Stanley Cup Futures : Balanced Action

Let this seep into your thought process as your Tuesday morning unfolds.  Six of the eight franchises in Western Conference playoff action are withing 150 points in price to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals at America’s Bookie.  For those that read our Introduction to Betting on Hockey, one realizes that this is not the perception of the actual chances but the market to create balanced action.  How can these three teams be tied at +350 to win the Western Conference?

  • Chicago Blackhawks +350
  • Dallas Stars +350
  • Los Angeles Kings +350

Certainly Not Regular Season Points

In the East, Washington blew away the competition in amassing regular season points.  Standings in the west were much more compact but if one uses this as a starting point then why are the St Louis Blues (107) spotting a +500 when they finished ahead of everyone except Dallas.  The Blues are the higher seed and have a 3-2 regular season record over Chicago whom they host starting on Wednesday.  Pedigree has a large part in the West.

Five of the Last Six Champions

Recent imagery of teams hoisting the Stanley Cup in victory burns itself into the memory of the betting public.  Last six years, we have had three teams win it all.  Boston once with the Kings doing it twice.  LA has not even been the most successful as most use the word dynasty to describe the three years (2010,2013, and 2015) that the Chicago Blackhawks have took it all.  So to offset the flood of money that pours in on these former champs, the linesmakers tweak the lines making the price to win a little worse than their actual chances are to win the West.

First Round Matchups

  • Minnesota at Dallas
  • Chicago at St. Louis
  • Nashville at Anaheim
  • Sharks at Kings

Here is your hidden nugget to consider with Western Conference futures.  There is more than a little value with the Sharks vs Kings and Chicago vs St. Louis.  Why?  Condensed travel.  More frequent flier miles could be burned with the other two series that were not mentioned.  Any little factor that can be used to tip the scales extract more value to our futures wagering.

Puck drops on playoff action in the west starting on Wednesday with Chicago and St. Louis.  Ponder the matchups and scope out the terrain to see the pitfalls for every team.  Realize that the practical chances for the Kings and Blackhawks are not as great as there price might indicate.  Do the homework and invest in confidence.  Tune in next time here at APEX Hockey Betting as we examine specific investment opportunities now that the playoffs are in action.