Start of the Road for 2016-17 NHL Regular Season

Long live the king and let us leap ahead to the 2016-17 regular season.  Pittsburgh has won the Stanley Cup and with their star power and plethora of goaltending, their reign might be a multi year one.  Good afternoon and welcome to APEX Hockey Betting.  Today, we start looking on the horizon for next season. Events have transpired this week to change the fortunes of two franchises.  With profit in mind, let us look at the Ducks and the Blackhawks in this edition of APEX Hockey.

Return of Randy Carlyle

Ducks go back to a familiar face to propel them back to the promised land.  Carlyle won Anaheim a Stanley Cup but was eventually replaced by Bruce Boudreau.  Stellar regular seasons but to many playoff failures cost Bruce his job.  Now Randy takes the job back from the man who took his.  The initial firing was of the perception that he had lost the interest of the team.  From his previous tenure, only four key players remain on the team.  This will certainly have an effect on the NHL Futures for next year when Bet33 and other quality sportsbooks release them soon.

Blackhawks Payroll Considerations

Every team in the league knew that Chicago had to move Bryan Bickell to get restricted free agent Andrew Shaw.  SO the market made the seller pay to off load this player.  Carolina extracted a hefty price in getting Bickell and the highly talented youngster Teuvo Teravinen for a couple of draft picks.  This hurt Chicago in two ways.  First of all Teuvo had a very good first season and there was no reason to suspect a sophomore slump might be in the air.  Secondly, his contract was entry level.  That talent for such a low cost on the cap is hard to absorb.  Chicago did what they had to but their outlook took a slight ding for the next season.

Weeks and months of happy work for the hockey handicapper.  Monitoring moves like these will not only benefit you in the futures market but gives the prepared mind a leg up when skating resumes.  Good fortune in all your sports investments this week and we will continue to preview next season here at APEX Hockey Betting.