State of the Shootout in the Eyes of Bettman

How to deal with ties for a professional league so dependent on it’s gate for players salaries?  Few things fans equate with money not well spent as doling out tickets only to see the contest end in a draw.  The NHL has realized this and over the years have tried various formats to prevent this and keep the outcome  dependent on a skill factor  Unfortunately, some of the early innovations equated to having an NBA free throw contest to determine their games.  What has Gary Bettman come out and said about the state of the shootout for the 2015 season?

Make Shootouts Less Likely

It is not necessarily that shootouts are bad but the frequency that they occurred that riled most of the NHL teams.  Unless your franchise was blessed with players that could both contribute on ice and be ane effective specialist, then the regular season standings were not a true representation of strength.  Now comes a tweak to the overtime format that will hopefully decrease the appearance of the shoot out.  What has the league done this time and why it will prompt more open ice opportunities?

 Bettman’s Thoughts

First of is that the extinction of the shootout is not going to come under his tenure.  Gary thinks that the fans really get into it.  He only has the desire to limit the frequency as well.  Most hockey purists actually lean more towards the AHL system of avoiding shootouts than the NHL’s.  A certain period of time at four skater aside and then down to three per side if an outcome is not arrived at.

A direct way to counter this might be to reward risk taking during regulation.  If the league goes to three points for a regulation win, many more games would not see that dreaded dance at the end trying to cement one point apiece.  That is the real travesty in the system.  Alas no cure for that is in the foreseeable future.  Thank you for tuning into Apex Hockey Betting and we will see you next week.