Surprise Long Term Edmonton Contract

Jackpot Signing for Edmonton

7-7-7 came up with a jackpot signing for the Oilers.  Oscar Klebom has cashed in his 77 games played into a seven year contract  Mind you that we do not mind the signing but for that length of time for such a short initial stay is eyebrow raising.  The silver lining here is that the amount of money per that they got him for.  $4 million and change per year is a frugal contract in terms of this much upside.  A calculated gamble for certain but if it does not turn out well they can always increase the price of beer at home games.

Thirty is the Telling Age

A magic number for hockey players on the defense.  The more physical ones start to wear down and must develop a cagey side for them to survive.  Mike Green was more in the mold of an offensive one in Washington.  Now at 30, he takes his act to the Detroit Red Wings.  This is all about spelling some of the monster minutes that Niklas Kronwall logs.  Mike got forty five points in the third tier or below last year.  Even though some are not sold at him getting back into the second set of defense men, this has more benefit than harm as the Red Wings redefine themselves this season.

Finally we will find out whether those that impart the impact suffer just as much as those inflicted with heavy blows.  Milan Lucic had a down year not only because he is getting long in the tooth.  His main play maker was hurt for a long time in Boston.  Now he goes to a Kings team that should feed him the puck in prime positions.  Look for an uptick for him and LA next year.  Good fortune and we will speak to you next week here at APEX Hockey Betting.